Introducing the Broadway Encore™

New York City welcomes a digital experience designed to wow and entertain the theatre patrons, the art community and all the worldwide visitors in Times Square. Each night, in the true spirit of Broadway theatre, the biggest and brightest of the digital signs in Times Square will all come to life with an animated art show at 10:55 pm - the Broadway Encore. Much like the Bellagio’s famous dancing fountains or Hong Kong’s “Symphony of Lights” laser show, the Broadway Encore "after-the-show show", will make Times Square a hot destination and “must see” event, each night at 10:55 sharp.

The Broadway Encore will display artwork and choreographed digital programming from some of the most famous and world-renowned artists. The first digital art exhibit will include over 15 signs, all playing in sync, and featuring the art of an American pop art icon, and legend beloved by young and old alike. The Broadway Encore is powered by Wind™, a WOW factor company.